My name is Muhammad Sajid Akhtar and I have completed my MBA degree from Virtual University, of Pakistan. I have selected Non-Technical as my domain because I believe that I have the competency of doing Content Writing, Data Entry and Social Media Marketing . I can obtain the expertise like  Blogging, Internet Research and E-Commerce which would enable me to polish my skills.  Apart from the earning, I want to gain strong writing skills, as well as the ability to communicate verbally, clearly and with confidence in a range of situations, both online and in person which is very critical in nature usually. By developing these freelancing skills in myself, I may be able to earn more and become an effective financial earner for my family.  I want to get the productive knowledge out of these training sessions, which would help me in creating online potential clients. Freelancing is a good computer based earning Tool. My main purpose for obtaining the freelancing expertise, is n